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There are 290 calories in a Tall Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks, including the whipped cream and full-fat milk. Lol.

I drew this two days ago.

First concert EVER!!

Oh my gosh, I going to my first rock concert ever!!! I'm going to see Paramore! I'm so excited, seriously.

I mean, my family is really quite uptight, so it's amazing I'm actually gonna get to go to a concert. Hurray, haha!!


Drawn with written permission from this photograph: http://miss-deathwish.deviantart.com/art/you-could-feel-the-sky-184912472

Done in June 2010. Quite a quick piece, haha.

Writer's Block: That's good eats

What was your favorite childhood meal? Do you still love it? Does it taste as good as you remember it?

My goodness, I used to love macaroni and cheese. I remember that no matter which restaurant I went, as long as it was American, I would order mac and cheese off the kid's menu. Lovely times.

I still like Mac and Cheese, but I'm nowhere crazy enough about it to order it everywhere I go.

Swooshed by Like Electricity...

(...Photograph I took...)

Evening. Again. Night.

Time flies.


Can you spot the frame?

This was a timed drawing; it took 2 and a half hours to draw.

And music video I drew it from:

"Ignorance" - Paramore


Animated Drawing Progress

...Back in the days when I used to listen to My Chemical Romance. ♥ I do so love recalling those days when I drew without end.


Done with a touchpad, before I was comfortable with using my tablet.

Watching (A poem)

She watches the people go by,
Content herself to remain unnoticed,
Because the girls look interesting and the boys look nice
And she understands her own insignificance.
She sees schoolgirls exchanging bracelets
And trinkets and laughter
While couples kiss over ice-cream cones
And mothers coo and cry
To their gurgling infants.
She thinks that the people make a pretty picture
Against the momentous water-fountain in the square
And she thinks that
The sound of their chattering is like music
To the beat of the waterfall's cry.
The accompaniment of the perfect blue sky moves her
To bliss
And her euphoria skyrockets when above
The busy crowd's cry
She can hear the piping above
Of the birds' song-cry
Before she crumbles with the solitary cry
That echoes within her heart.
-A Self Portrait


This boring page.

I fail to understand how so many people can post in-detail entries online about their emotions and life troubles....Maybe that's why my blog feels so bare. I can't really imagine announcing to the whole world wide web what triggered, say, an episode of self-injury, or that today so and so in the family made me upset. Why would anyone want to share such private and personal details with any anonymous visiter who chances upon their page?

Then, again, why would anyone want to keep an online journal? If privacy were a point truly desired, a traditional book journal would more than serve the purpose...

This blog thing is not working out for me :/